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trendWelcome back, loyal listeners! This week Steve and Aaron decided to try something new. You’ll notice the format’s a little different. We’d love to hear your thoughts! Among other things, we talk about the next big trend in fiction, Amazon’s marketing tactics, and the possible effects of dystopian literature on the future. As always, thanks so much for listening, and good writing!

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2 thoughts on “The Next Big Trend”

  • Hey you mentioned the setting that Stephanie Meyer used for Twilight. I’m taking a course from Dave Farland, a former writing teacher of hers. He mentioned that she grew up in Oregon or Washington after her parents’ divorce. She thought it would work well for a novel she wanted to write with vampires and werewolves in it. I tried to find some corroboration for this on the web, but it is hard to get past links to the use of divorce the locales in the story.

    • Joseph, thanks for the note. I’m interested to hear how the class with Dave Farland goes for you. Steve is the one who mentioned the note about Twilight’s setting. I’ll put him on the case and see if we can track down some links for you.

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