Why I Wrote Hand of Adoani

Why I Wrote Hand of Adoani

A46425fter completing work on The Bargain, I decided to try my hand at something different. For years, my father suggested I write a young adult novel. The idea was sound advice, considering I’d been a youth pastor and teacher for a number of years. I was familiar with the audience. And, truth be told, I wanted to write a book that was fun. This is not to say that The Bargain wasn’t a thrill to write, but it was a lot of work. In my  mind, I’d made up my mind that a YA fantasy would be far easier to write.

I was wrong about that, but I was right in thinking it would be fun. While being every bit as grueling as writing The Bargain, the process of writing the Hand of Adonai and the Book of Things to Come was very enjoyable. I enjoyed every minute of it (and still do, as I continue to pen the sequels).

The original idea came to me as a way of spoofing some of my favorite fantasy role playing games. If I had modern teenagers in a medieval world, how would they act? How would the “locals” react to them? I thought it was an idea full of humorous potential. And while there are some funny moments, the book soon took on more of an edge than I’d originally anticipated. And that’s okay. I found myself wanting to write teenagers who were real, not just stereotypes. These kids have real struggles beyond being trapped in a digital world. And I wanted to find a way for those struggles to present new problems in a new world, but also prepare them for new struggles they’d not anticipated facing.

What I came up with, I think, is a pretty fun adventure full of powerful writing and tangible, memorable characters. Hope you love them as much as I do.


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  • I’m a little biased as your friend and second-round beta reader, but so far Hand of Adonai has met and exceeded my expectations. The characters right off the bat are believable and honest, and I love their interactions with each other. Can’t wait for August so the rest of the world can read it, too.

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