The Seven Seals


Brimstone Fiction (March 15th, 2019)

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Since she woke up in Alrujah, a digital world of her design, Lauren Knowles has been fighting for her life. And now, just when things seemed the most bleak, her best friend Oliver has vanished. Together with her sister Bailey Renee, Lauren must embark on another perilous journey to defend herself and save her friends. But the task is not easy, and the seals between the worlds weaken. When Aiden and Lauren find themselves back home, they must make a life-changing decision: stay where it’s safe or return to Alrujah to protect the people from evil and hope to bring their other friends home. Erica, too, finds herself back in North Chester, a terrifying prospect for her, and face to face with the father who burned her hands. All Alrujah darkens under the shadows of three terrifying abominations, all of which must be defeated if the teens ever want to get back home for good. But can they handle the Abominations when the Hand is scattered?

“Aaron Gansky continues to up the stakes and the pacing in this continuation of the Hand of Adonai series. With unsuspected twists and cliffhanger chapters, Gansky sucks the reader into the story and then takes them on a roller coaster ride from one world to another and back again.” –Ralene Burke, author of the Sacred Armor trilogy and Marketing Director for Realm Makers

“Book three in the Hand of Adonai series, The Seven Seals is a masterfully woven gaming-crossover fantasy that delivers an enchanting blend of non-stop action and character dilemmas readers can relate to. The characters are enduring and their trials are relatable, and the ending delivers a punch readers won’t forget.” –Lauricia Matuska, author of The Healer’s Rune and The Guardian Prince