The Hand of Adonai

The Hand of Adonai

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The Hand of Adonai: The Book of Things to Come

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Escape is only a deadly journey away

At first, Lauren Knowles is thrilled to wake up in Alrujah, a digital fantasy world she created with her best friend, Oliver Shaw, but the exhilaration of serving as a magical princess fades when she senses a demonic force lurking in the shadows. Though they designed a world of wondrous beauty blue-leafed forests, shimmering silver rivers, and expansive medieval castles Lauren and Oliver soon find their secret realm to be an ever-changing land of dark oppression and deadly sorcery. With the help of Aiden Price and Erica Hall, two friends from their high school in North Chester, the four teens must find a way out a way that can only be discerned from the dusty pages of the ancient leather-bound tome, The Book of Things to Come. Faced with questionable allies, invisible enemies, and increasingly dangerous levels of difficulty, the four must learn to work together, to trust each other … or be forever lost.

3 thoughts on “The Hand of Adonai”

    • It’s marketed as a Young Adult novel, so I’d say that high-school students would enjoy it the most. However, I’ve had several adult readers give solid reviews. Really, it’s more about genre than age, I think. Anyone who appreciates a good fantasy novel will enjoy this as well, regardless of age. If you’re talking about content, I think it’s appropriate for any teenager.

  • This book, and the others in the series, is very excellent. I would definitely recommend this to others, and I would also read it again.

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