A Modest Proposal

A Modest Proposal

Welcome back, loyal listeners! This week we talk proposals: what are they and how to make one. As always, you may listen and watch below. Show notes are beneath the YouTube embed. Don’t forget to subscribe and like!



Making Time to Write

  • First Lines Friday’s winner: “Change is coming for me, and this time, be it bend or break, I will look it in the eye.” –Jenny Snow
  • Publishing term of the week: Stet
  • Preparing Your Proposal
    • What exactly is a proposal?
      • A glimpse at your project. Generally contains a tagline, a summary,  a market analysis, and sample chapters.
    • Who wants to see it?
      • Acquisition editors, mainly
      • Proposals can also be used to get agents.
    • What is the purpose of the proposal?
      • To give agents and editors a good idea of what the novel will look like when done.
      • To give editors an idea if they can market your book or not.
    • When is the right time to prepare your proposal?
      • Before MS is done? Only if you’re an established writer.
      • After MS is done? Better for beginning writers. Finish the book first, then worry about the proposal.
    • For example proposals, feel free to look at our YouTube!
    • Next week’s episode: From the writer, for the writer: Raymond Carver

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