Disarming Your Reader

face-658678_1280Welcome back, loyal listeners! This week, Al and I were in North Carolina at the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference. It’s always a busy week, but we found some time to put a podcast together for you. Unfortunately, this week is only audio. We discuss “disarming your reader,” a concept Lori Roeleveld (loriroeleveld.com) uses to describe how she thinks about openings and beginnings. She was kind enough to join us for this cast to share her thoughts. As always, you may listen below. Thanks again to Eliza Rickman (elizarickman.com and elizarickman.bandcamp.com) for the intro and outro music.



1 thought on “Disarming Your Reader”

  • Aaron, just listened to this episode. Really loved Lori’s “disarming the reader” basis, and how it’s applicable not just for bloggers or with humor, but in all forms of writing.
    Also appreciated the truth that a writer’s voice isn’t taught, it’s found.
    Great information, as always.

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