Yuvi Zalkow Talks Everything

Yuvi Zalkow Talks Everything

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brilliant novelSince we started this podcast, I’ve been wanting to bring on a few of my writer friends as guests. I finally got my chance this week when Yuvi Zalkow skyped in and talked with us about pretty much everything. He’s a great writer with some great insights. Because our conversation is a little more scattered, it’d be tough to put together show notes that do our conversation justice. Instead, I thought I’d let you listen and enjoy. If you want to see more of Yuvi’s work, be sure to check out his web page. Remember, you can always find Steve and I on Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, and Stitcher. As always, you can download the file here if you prefer.


4 thoughts on “Yuvi Zalkow Talks Everything”

  • I think that if i were writing a book i would go with what i felt more comfortable unlike him, he seemed unsure of what he was working with as he was writing like he said himself although im sure in the end his book is wonderful.

  • Do authors do best when they write at the strangest of hours and at inconvient times? Or when they have all their time devoted to writing? You all stated how you throw it into your day some how. It seems better that way, more well rounded and fresh.

  • If I were to write a book I would stay on a subject I was comfortable with. I don’t think I would even have to never to try and write about a topic I wasn’t aware with.

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