Yuvi Talks Everything Part 2

Yuvi Talks Everything Part 2

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brilliant novelLast week, Steve and I talked with Yuvi Zalkow, author of A Brilliant Novel in the Works. Our conversation ran a little long, so we split it over two weeks. This week, we pick up our conversation discussing writer’s block, but we move very quickly into such amazing topics as crying under our desks, million-dollar contracts, octogenarians, literary journals, MFA programs, and much, much more! Because our conversation is a little more scattered, it’d be tough to put together show notes that do our conversation justice. Instead, I thought I’d let you listen and enjoy. If you want to see more of Yuvi’s work, be sure to check out his web page. Remember, you can always find Steve and I on Facebook, Twitter, iTunes, and Stitcher. As always, you can download the file here if you prefer.

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  • I don’t really seem to get writers block as much as some of my friends but it has happened time to time. I don’t really think there is a way to fix writers block.

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