Hacking Your Reader’s Brain with Jeff Gerke

Hacking Your Reader’s Brain with Jeff Gerke

Welcome back, loyal listeners! This week, the FiF crew is joined by Jeff Gerke, author, publisher, editor, etc. He shares with us from his book The Irresistible Novel. Because the material he shares is still under copyright, we’re not publishing show notes (other than the Ask the Author section). If you’d like more information, please pick up his book.



Ask the Authors:

I have a great character (protagonist). What is the best process for figuring out the best plot for her story? — Cynthia Scott

Aaron: Without knowing more about your character, I’d have to say that the plot should come from her motivation. What is it that she wants most? Now, find something to get between her and what it is she wants. This could be as outrageous as aliens, or as simple as bankruptcy.

Al: Earlier this year we talked about having more ideas than you can handle. If your character doesn’t fit any of the ideas you have now, then maybe she isn’t ready for prime time. Sit down and write “What if…” at the top of a page then brainstorm. What if your character falls into a coma, then wakes up and the world is somehow all wrong? What if your character advances so fast in her job the people believe she’s doing some illegal? What if your character is scientist cloning life from the Jurassic period, but not dinosaurs–viruses? You get the idea. Sooner or later, your character will jump up and say, “That’s it!”

2 thoughts on “Hacking Your Reader’s Brain with Jeff Gerke”

  • Wow.
    I just had to drop in and say how appreciative I am for this podcast. The information shared here (by everyone) has helped me to get past the writer’s paralysis I’ve had for over two years.

    Thank you all for answering my question and sharing the process each of you use to create your character’s story.

    I also want to thank Jeff for his books. His book “The Art & Craft of Writing Christian Fiction” helped me so much after I surrendered to my calling to write Christian-based fiction. Now, “The Irresistible Novel” is sure to be my next purchase on Amazon! Jeff’s explanation of how to hook and keep your reader makes so much sense to me. I mentally went through all of my favorite books and movies after watching the podcast. I can see each element Jeff highlighted in all of them. Yet another AHA moment, courtesy of FIF. 😉

    Thanks to all of you for giving your time to help fellow authors each week.

    God bless your day!

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