An Affair to Forget

An Affair to Forget  The Sin of Adultery Gives Birth to a Blessing that Saves a Soldier's Marriage  (Gansky Shorts)An Affair to Forget

Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas (August 8, 2011)

For fifteen years, Caleb hid his affair from his wife. She was far too fragile to handle the news well. But now that his mistress has passed on, he must bring his fourteen-year-old daughter home. Caught between responsibility and fear, Caleb must find a way to break the news to his wife without it killing her. (10 pages)

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This story really exceeded my expectations. So many writers give you such neat, expected and ultimately flat endings, especially when approaching topics like infidelity. This is a writer that isn’t afraid to look at the complex and difficult choices that any married person can face, and to examine them with honesty, even when the truth of situations and how a character handles them doesn’t fit into a tidy package. I enjoyed this story a great deal and I felt the ending was both surprising and perfectly appropriate. As someone who reads (and teaches) literature, in particular the short story, Gansky doesn’t break any rules with his storytelling or his ending, both are right on par with many great story writers. I would highly recommend this story as a quick and satisfying read.

-Heather Luby

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