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iphone-5Already I can hear your objections. “My character doesn’t have an iPhone. They live in medieval London!”

Okay, that’s fine. I’m not suggesting you put an iPhone in the pocket of the scullery maid. However, let’s pretend, for a minute, that they were magically transported to modern America. And you give them an iPhone. (While your at it, Daddy Warbucks, why not buy me one, too?)

My question is this: What type of music would they put on it? What types of Apps? Would they use it for entertainment or productivity? What type of games would they play?

I know it seems like a rather silly set-up, but the point remains: a character’s individuality is often manifest in something like an iPhone. Resist the urge to make theirs a copy of yours. Instead, show their differences, and not just in the wallpaper, but things as simple as an alarm, or the weather, etc.

Look forward to your comments.

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  • If my character had a IPhone she would have all types of music because she like every genre, she would probably have apps that would help her find a way to be successful in the world and ones that would keep her information safe, she would use it as more for productivity than entertainment, then she will have games that would help her do her math with money since she is trying to be a clerk. These are some things that my character would have on her IPhone if I gave her one.

  • my main character’s dad is one of those guys who has an old phone with the worse ringtones. you know, the phones with no screen still old fashion doesn’t even know how to work a computer

  • Well first off, my character (Abraham) is pretty anti-establishment and would not own an iPhone. But if he did have one it’d be filled with avant-garde 80’s synth music. Laurie Anderson, some Yoko Ono, and plenty of British new-wave bands. He is also quite fond of old folk music, especially Nick Drake. His wallpaper would be a picture of a forest or some surreal landscape. He would have applications to assist him in recording music or to jott down lyrics or notes in.

  • Just for the sake of convenience, I’m going to keep using good ol’ Palus for this exercise. So let’s pretend this guy, who lives in a world where technology of any kind is a luxury, somehow got himself the mysterious device known as an “iPhone”. Right. Got it.
    His would probably have a dark blue skin, with the crest of the Royal family from his homeland etched into it (a crude job, done with an old hunting knife… Palus may or may not be a royal, or perhaps there is some other meaning behind it… You’ll have to find out!).
    His ringtone would be something subtle, like a cricket or a bird chirping, so it wouldn’t be nightmarishly distracting during his travels. of course, that’s assuming he pays enough attention to the darn thing to notice when it goes off, which would also require the assumption that there are people trying to contact him. However, he would have an alarm, always set to keep him from sleeping too late.
    Palus’ apps would all be practical stuff, no games or entertaining little time killers.Think of stuff like maps, reflex trainers, and a basic calculator for budgeting what little money he has.
    Palus’ background wouldn’t be too fancy, either. It wouldn’t even be animated or anything awesome like that. He’d probably just choose one of the wallpapers that comes with the phone.
    …And he’d probably end up losing or breaking the phone somewhere along his travels.
    The concept of each character’s iPhone is a fun one–I might have to write up some stuff for all my characters so I can better understand each one’s persona better.
    Write well, write often.

  • I think Carl would be using Google alot for survival tips and a GPS. thats all i really know about iPhones so i cant really tell what my character would use.

  • I think Melissa would listen to mainly rock music (i guess stuff like falling in reverse, asking alexandria, etc.) but also softer music like Ed Sheeran and Adele. She would definately have a notepad app and probably a facebook app. Not much else though…

  • If my Character Vincent had an iphone, his wallpaper would most likely be a simple background; perhaps one of the prepared backgrounds in the settings section of the iphone. He is simple. His weather app would immediately pop up to Clearwater, Florida, where the only change in weather he would see is the variation in the humidity percentages and percipitation chances. He would have mellow music on his iphone. Perhaps a few worship songs and classic islandy tunes, you know, like Jack Johnson style. He wouldn’t have very many pictures on his phone except for a few landscape shots that caught his eye and maybe a few with his sisters, nieces and nephews, and mother. He would definitly always keep his phone on vibrate becuase he thinks the ringtones are obnoxious.

  • My charater would listen to psychedelic crap. His background be a cow with psychdelic patterns on it with sun glasses. His app would a kolidascope and he would fake acid trips because he doesnt have the gonads to really do it.

  • My character (Earadesa) is a well established women and was outstanding at school and got promoted quickly at any job she has been employed at. She is more on the mellow side of things, so her music list would most likely consist of artists such as: Regina Spektor, Idina Menzel, Ingrid Michaelson, etc. Though in her days of youth, she liked the more rebellious side of music at that time, so her playlist would also have some Joan Jet, Pat Benatar, etc.

    Her apps would probably be a scientific calculator, a facebook app(she likes to be outgoing), a notepad(she is a writer so this would be usefull for ideas, also for todo lists) and a home security app.

    Her wall paper would be set to her family or her hometown. Something to remind her of her childhood because she longs to be young again.

  • My charector’s name is Cienna, and she would have many rock songs as her music, and definitly not any soppy romantic stuff. She would have a picture of her grandmother as her background, so she could remember the family she will never see. As her apps she would probobly have a compass and the weather, practicsal things for traveling, probobly a flashlight too.

  • My characters name is Melody.Her song of choice is oceano by Josh Groban. A soothing yet powerful song that causes he mind to wander. He music choice would be that of a different language something out of the norm. She wouild download mini pianos and sudoku and maybe a few picture apps. Her background would be a picture of something she admires most, such as, a picture of her puppy on her mothers lap or the first place she met the love of her life.

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