World Blog Tour

World Blog Tour

Some time ago, my publisher suggested doing a “World Blog Tour.” The idea is simple: post my answer to some common questions, then introduce you to a few writers I think you might enjoy. Sounds like fun, so here you go:

What am I working on now? I’m working my way through my first round of edits on the third book of my Hand of Adonai series. Also hard at work mentoring and co-writing a secret fiction project (it’s all very hush-hush).

How does my work differ from others in its genre? I’m really into the art of writing, so I agonize over my words, and always try to improve my craft. I’d like to think my level of imagery and detail sets me apart, as does my voice. I like to splash poetic elements into my prose to really make it sing. Beyond that, my work usually crosses genre. Hard to put my books into one category.

Why do I write what I write? Hard to say. Bottom line, I write what I want to read. These are the stories that come to me and refuse to leave, that haunt my sleep and my dreams and demand to be told. They’re fun, and the experience is unforgettable, but it also makes you think. Ideally, my books will sit with you for a long time, in a good way.

How does my writing process work? Sporadically. I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire, so to speak (if you’ll forgive my cliche), so I have to budget my time and write where I can. Usually, my protected writing time is early in the mornings and in the afternoons. I’ll put in an hour or so a day, either producing new content, or revising. Typically, I don’t write until I complete the first draft of a novel.

Here are some authors I’ve enjoyed reading:


Donn taylorDonn E. Taylor: If you read and enjoyed The Bargain, I really think you’ll like Donn Taylor’s The Lazarus File. As a poet, Donn brings elements of his poetic vision to his fiction like I do (except he’s better at it). I read his novel and was very impressed with how he handled the plot, but more impressed with the level of his prose and image-driven descriptions. Highly recommend his book. [/box]

[box]OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALori Roleveld: I knew Lori first as a friend, but was immediately impressed with her vision of Christianity and her ability to explain it in a way that, at first may seem dark, but points to the light. If you’re a comfortable Christian, you have to read her blog. If you’re not, you need to read it anyway. She’s got a book coming out soon that you’ll find challenging and uplifting, disturbing and delivering. [/box]

[box]dave fessendenDave Fessenden: If you’re a fan of Sherlock Holmes, you’ll have to check out Fessenden’s The Case of the Exploding Speakeasy. While it doesn’t focus on Holmes, and it’s set in America, you’ll find enough familiar characters (and some new and exciting characters as well) to make you feel right at home. This book follows Watson’s son in America, and describes his interactions with Mycroft Holmes (Sherlock’s brother). Fun book to read. [/box]

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