turkey1Traveling today. Got to my sister’s house today with the family. We’ll be here through Thanksgiving.

So, in honor of the coming Holiday, I ask you what your characters are thankful for. No matter how small or trivial, there’s been some small kindness extended to them, something they’ll likely remember the remainder of their lives.

Rather than spending time exploring the craft of fiction, I thought I’d leave you a little homework. In the comments section, leave me a brief answer to the above question. Let me know who your character is and what they’re thankful for. Looking forward to your responses.

Me? I’m thankful for a healthy family, turkey, and especially football.

Ready? Go.

13 thoughts on “Thanksgiving…”

  • First off, I’ll have to establish my character. His name is Palus Demens. You might remember him from Workshop Wednesday. He’s definitely not a saint, but he’s not a follower of darkness either. He’s quick with a sword, but slow with his trust. Since he and his people have been shunned as the result of a war and some political stupidity, he appreciates soldiers even less than they appreciate him. So what is he thankful for? Well, let’s see…
    In his words: “I thank the Infinite for my wife, our child, and the hope that I might find them once more. I am also thankful for my skill with the blade, even if I have used it for…questionable things.”
    So there you go. Write well, write often.

  • Ha. Out of my numerous stories, I suppose I’ll pick the one I’m supposed to be writing for senior project. Currently, until I can switch it up a little, my MC’s name is Malachi, our little lost sheep following the mob. He thinks he’s grateful for his position as a soldier in the leader’s army. I suppose his deeper gratification is the fact that he still has a little freedom with his life, after the changes he’s noticed in the higher-ups and how they’ve changed themselves to suit the leader’s regime. He’s one who secretly admires individuality, probably because he doesn’t see that in himself. Hmm… I think I’ve just discovered a new characteristic of his…

  • My charector is thankful for th sandstorm that finally got Caius to trust her. She saved him from death twice before but he had never really appreciated it.

  • I guess I’ll pick my character Melissa. She’s a 14 year old with a pretty confussing life. She’s thankful that, even though she fights with them a lot, her parents will always be there for her, no matter what kind of trouble she gets in.

  • My character is thankful for the dog he doesn’t have to pick up after. He hates working, which is why he is also thankful for his large inheritance. You already hate this guy, huh?

  • I don’t have any other characters other than my meteor story, so his name is Derek, and he doesnt care much for life whatsoever, but if he is thankful for one thing it would be his last love Sarah. She gave him a bit of life for once.

  • I wrote a story called “Sing Me To Sleep Melody.” My main characters name is Melody and she is a very shy girl with an abudsive father and her mother is an angel in the ground. She befriends a boy named Calden who shows her the bright side of life and gives her hope to become all that she can be. Shes thankful for his love and help. <3

  • My character (from the meteor story) is named Abraham. He is a pretty whack hippie guy who is forced to kill people. Fortunately, he gets off the hook and is very grateful.

  • My character is thankful for the time she got to spent with her family before she lost them. She is also thankful for all the support she has gotten through the rough times ahead for her and the rest of her family.

  • my character, is thankful that the army of the damned AKA an army of devils, zombies, and vampires, didnt catch him on the bridge of sorrow

  • My character Vincent is thankful for his relationship with his mom, his job, God, and for the day he met Jaylee Johnson.

  • I think my character Carl is most thankful for his dog Ginger. She is the most loyal companion and she watches out for her master.

  • I think for this one I should choose Nanette, she is 12 and homeless(she’ll sleep in the abandond shack on ocasions) for she has been recently orphaned. She stays near the grave yard, no she is not a morbid person, its just the only way she can be close to her mother that she prays to on a daily basis. Though for this holiday she saves all year around(except for the food she buys here and there) and buys a buffet to eat with her mother on thanksgiving. She only has one thing to be thankful for, her mother, though she’s dead, she’s thankfull for the time she has had with her.

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