Steve McLain

The Care and Feeding of Novel Ideas

beach-1868021_960_720   Thanks to for the intro and outro music! ASK THE AUTHOR: From James Earls via How do you keep from duplicating things you read-putting stuff into your own work? In other words, how do I keep it original or as much as possible? AARON: This is…

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100th Episode Extravaganza!


Welcome back, loyal listeners! We’ve got a special treat for you this week, our 100th episode extravaganza! Join us for this trip down memory lane with some familiar faces and voices. Steve McLain and Heather Luby join us to talk about the role they played in the podcast and what…

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Gift Ideas for the Writer in Your Life

[box] [/box] Welcome back, loyal listeners! It’s that time of year again, when all good Americans rush out to the store (or the internet) to get gifts for their loved ones. This week, Al and Aaron Gansky talk about the gifts the writer in your life would love to…

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Writing Terms–A Refresher

[box] [/box] Welcome back, loyal listeners! This week marks the triumphant return of the super-busy Heather Luby! Aaron and Heather give you a quick crash-course on the jargon used by fiction writers, editors, and publishers. If you’ve got questions, let us know. As always, thanks so much for listening….

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