Heather Luby

20 Rules for Writing a Novel Pt. 1


http://aarongansky.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/e178twentyrulesforwritinganovelpt1.mp3   Thanks to bensound.com for the intro and outro music! ASK THE AUTHOR: From Carth via Firsts in Fiction page on Facebook: Hey, I’ve heard you guys say a couple of times not to “manipulate your reader”, and I’d like to hear about this, as someone who definitely writes…

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Through the Editor’s Eyes–What Editors Look For


http://aarongansky.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/e174throughtheeditorseyes.mp3   Thanks to bensound.com for the intro and outro music! ASK THE AUTHOR: Bill Giovannetti via Facebook: Have you ever written yourself into a blind alley? How do you get out of it? AARON: This is another way of saying “have you written yourself into a corner?” My answer…

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Managing Multiple Projects


http://aarongansky.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/e170ManagingMultipleProjects.mp3   Thanks to bensound.com for the intro and outro music! ASK THE AUTHOR: Bill Giovanenetti via Facebook: What are some do’s and don’ts with backstory? AARON: I’ve heard that backstory should be avoided at all costs. I think this is a newer, trendier “rule” bandied about by industry professionals….

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Social Media for the Anti-Social


http://aarongansky.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/e127socialmediafortheantisocial.mp3   Ask the Author: As an intuitive writer, how do you handle “world building” like you did for Hand of Adonai? I’m an outliner and I’m finding it’s more work than I thought it would be to lay out the rules that my fictional world follows. (Tess Degroot) Aaron:…

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Let’s Kick this Pig! From Idea to Draft


Welcome back, loyal listeners! We’ve talked a lot about ideas this month, and now it’s time to figure out how to go from concept to draft. We talk about what steps will help you accomplish the birthing of your idea to the page. http://aarongansky.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/e122letskickthispig.mp3   ASK THE AUTHOR: If you…

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The Red Pen with Heather Luby


Welcome back, loyal listeners! This week, Heather Luby joins us to talk about our favorite editing strategies. As always, you can listen and watch below. Show notes are beneath the YouTube embed. Please be sure to hit the “thumbs up” on YouTube and like us on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks!…

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Seven Deadly Writing Sins


Welcome back, loyal listener! This week, Heather Luby joined us to talk about the seven deadly writing sins. Show notes are below. I do want to apologize for the rough quality at the beginning of the cast. It eventually gets better. Thanks for sticking with us. As always, please don’t…

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The Author Reader Contract


Welcome back, loyal listeners! Heather Luby joins us to talk about the Author-Reader contract. As always, show  notes are below. Don’t forget to hit the like button on YouTube and to subscribe to us on your podcast feeds. Reviews are always appreciated. Be sure to join us next week when…

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100th Episode Extravaganza!


Welcome back, loyal listeners! We’ve got a special treat for you this week, our 100th episode extravaganza! Join us for this trip down memory lane with some familiar faces and voices. Steve McLain and Heather Luby join us to talk about the role they played in the podcast and what…

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Writing with Women

Welcome back, loyal listeners! We’ve got a few special treats for you. First, Heather Luby joins us to talk about Writing with (for, about, etc.) Women. Her voice is a bit of a blast from the past, and, as always, her insights are transformational. Additionally, Eliza Rickman (elizarickman.com or elizarickman.bandcamp.com)…

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