Building Characters

Let’s Get Physical

Welcome back, loyal listeners! This week, we tackle how to write with physical precision when describing our characters bodies, even their biology! Listen or watch below to find out how to “embody” your characters.  

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Spirituality in Fiction


Welcome back, loyal listeners! This week, in honor of Easter, we talk about spirituality in fiction. It’s a dimension that’s often overlooked by writers. We need to think about the spirituality of our characters and how that can impact our plot. As always, you may listen or watch below.  …

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Three’s a Crowd–Handling Ensemble Casts

[box] [/box] Welcome back, loyal listeners! This week, Aaron and Al talk ensemble casts–what are they, and how do you make them work. As always, you can download the episode here, or watch below. Don’t forget to subscribe on iTunes, YouTube, and Stitcher!            

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Characters from the Ground Up

In our third episode of Firsts in Fiction, Steve and I talk about how to construct characters from the ground up. Here’s a few ideas to help you pull your characters from the ether and rivet them together into unforgettable friends (or enemies). Special thanks to Nathan Sawaya for making…

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