Shadow Assassin


Brimstone Fiction (March 15, 201)

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Shadow Singer is as beautiful as she is mysterious and savage. Despite her assurances that she means Oliver Shaw no harm, he has his doubts. After all, she did knock him out and kidnap him, taking him away from friends who desperately needed his help.

But when she takes him back to her home world of Myrassa, Oliver realizes the complications she’ll introduce to him are just the beginning. Like her, Myrassa is characterized by deep beauty and deeper savagery. With only this assassin as his guide, Oliver must navigate morally murky water and find a way to preserve his faith when confronted with incredible odds. Can he be the hero Myrassa needs, or will he lose himself in the bloody politics of a world governed by evil? And can he do it in time to return to Alrujah to defend his friends from the evils they face without him?

“Aaron Gansky continues to up the stakes and the pacing in this continuation of the Hand of Adonai series. With unsuspected twists and cliffhanger chapters, Gansky sucks the reader into the story and then takes them on a roller coaster ride from one world to another and back again.” –Ralene Burke, author of the Sacred Armor trilogy and Marketing Director for Realm Makers