First Line Fridays

Welcome, fellow writers, to First Line Fridays!

Each Friday on my Facebook Page, I present one of my first lines, and then ask other writers to submit one of their favorite first lines from something they’ve written. It might be from a novel, a chapter of a novel, a novella, a short story, or even micro fiction. The only rules are these:

1. No more than one submission per week.

2. No submitting the work of others (especially if it’s published).

3. Do not submit the same first line in multiple weeks.

So how do you enter? Look for my posts each week and leave a comment. Then, listen to our Google Hangouts podcast each week on Wednesdays at 6:30 PM PST, or check the Facebook comment thread to see who won for the week. At the beginning of each month, we’ll look back at the weekly winners and run a short poll to see who will be the winner of the month. The winner will get a $15 dollar gift card to their choice of Starbucks, Target, Amazon, or iTunes. Every year in June, we’ll look at the past twelve winners and vote for the yearly victor. That winner will receive a $50 gift card to their choice of Starbucks, Target, Amazon, or iTunes.

So sharpen your pencils and get to crafting!

1 thought on “First Line Fridays”

  • Hi, I’m really enjoying your podcasts, especially the ones you do with “Pops”. A few random thoughts: when you talked about writing about writing, I always think about Charlotte’s Web. I loved the book as a child but was always perplexed by the end: “It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer. Charlotte was both.” I always thought, “well, she can write stuff in her web and that’s remarkable for a spider. But that doesn’t make her a good writer.” It wasn’t until recently that I noticed that she solicited suggestions, rejected some, and in the end she made the final decision on what was written. She was a master of persuasive writing. She had far fewer characters to work with one does on Twitter, but she packed a punch.
    I also liked your bit on infusing objects with a special importance — I listened to a Grammar Girl podcast that touched on that exact subject, the same day as I listened to your podcast. It was a fascinating idea to me.
    Finally, I’d like to submit my own first line. I’m working on a middle-grade novel and patted myself on the back when I came up with this one: “The best time to go exploring, Lienna had found, was early in the morning on a weekend, when Grandma was still asleep.” Thanks for a great podcast and I will continue to listen.

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