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punisherarchieSpecial treat for you this week. Nate Bodell of Wednesday Comics Podcast joins Aaron Gansky this week to look at some Epic Crossovers and some Epic Crossover Fails. While this week’s podcast is more for fun, there’s still some dynamite insight and analysis to what makes a good crossover in the comic world, and how it relates to the world of writing fiction. Sure, it’s buried pretty deep, but it’s like finding treasure when you get to it.

Of course, the whole cast is fun. Enjoy.

Next week, we have Dave Fessenden, author, agent, and editor on to talk about his book, editing, and agenting.

As always, you can listen above or download the episode here. Remember, you can always find Steve and me on FacebookTwitteriTunes, and Stitcher.

If you want to see more about the lists we found, check them out yourself here:

Epic Crossover Fails

Epic Crossovers

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