Welcome back! You may have noticed that I missed the last two Monday updates. My apologies for that, but, around the holidays, things around my house can become very busy, as I’m sure you understand.

Over the holidays, my wife and I were discussing the greatest gifts we’ve given or received. Immediately, I thought of the pair of bookends my grandmother-in-law gave me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve received other wonderful gifts (mom, pops, I’m looking at you here—still remember the Voltron Christmas, the Nintendo Christmas, etc.). However, in terms of thoughtfulness, the bookends win hands-down. And here’s why:

When I opened them, she looked at me and said, “These are the book-ends to hold up all the wonderful books you will write.”

She was one of my first fans, and took a particular liking to my story An Affair to Forget, which was simply called Leaving Tennessee when she read it.

That kind of encouragement was invaluable. I’ve had so many encouragers in my writing career (mom, pops, I’m looking at you again). It reinforced something I’d known for a long time. Success is always easier to achieve when you have a cheering section.

Who is it that encourages you? If you’re serious about writing, I’d find that person, thank them, and make sure they know it. Unfortunately, my grandmother-in-law didn’t live to see my story get published. But the confidence in her voice when she gave me that gift has helped keep me going.

Know this: you can do it. You will do it. Just keep at it.

Until next week, good writing.

–A. D. Gansky

2 thoughts on “Encouragement”

  • My friends and my sister are my only real encouragers in my writing. My parents both think I’m nuts and/or my work is “gross” and they should have been better parents. They’re sort of my reverse-encouragers. Mom and Dad make sarcastic remarks or act as though it’s somehow a bad thing that I want to write. Fine. I’ll prove them wrong.
    That said, we all need someone to give us some encouragement and to sometimes help work out certain concepts. To everyone who has helped me thus far, thank you. None of you can possibly know how much it means to me.
    Write well, write often.

  • I think its realy nice how they encourage you like that. Saddly i dont have anyone who encourages me in my writing. My mom and dad dont like what i wrie because they say that i shouldnt be writing about what i write about (mainly horror and suspence). They think i shoud’nt be writing like that & they sort of discourage me. Its ok though i know i will write something someday that everyone will read and love.

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