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hand of adonai BLUE 2-1 OIL GOLDRecently, my  publisher finalized the cover for my YA novel The Hand of Adonai and the Book of Things to Come. Cover selection can be an intense, but exciting time, and this proved no different. One of the great things about working with LPC is that they listen to their authors on the matter of covers. After sending me several mock ups, I made a few notes and sent some ideas back. This back-and-forth and give-and-take can last some time. And, occasionally, we come down on opposite sides.


Here’s why we went with what we did. As you can see in the cover, there are four teenagers dressed in your typical medieval garb. They’re walking into a dark forest with a strange, blue hue. This is the Cerulean Woods, where black-barked harspus trees grow blue leaves in the spring.

Each of the characters is wearing what I suggested–Erica in her green dress on the left, then Aiden in his suit of armor, then Lauren in her white princess dress, and lastly, Oliver, in his thick, blue cotton robe.

It’s a fascinating experience seeing a visual representation of the world I’ve only imagined in my mind. And while no image can exactly match what I had in mind while I wrote the book, I think this is a pretty good interpretation of the notes I gave the design team.

Super excited to be working with LPC. The book is set to launch this summer. We’re getting close, guys. Get excited.


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