Plot and Structure

Proposals: Query Letters and Bios

pen-631321_1280   Thanks to for the intro and outro music! ASK THE AUTHOR: From James Earls via Facebook: For the Christian writer: how much is too much, when it comes to love scenes, and is language ever permitted in your work with characters who aren’t believers – how far…

Read More   Ask the Author: Mia Northrop via – I’d like to include some real speeches spoken by politicians in my novel, but edit them for length and paraphrase some of the repetitive parts. What are my responsibilities in declaring that the speeches are not fictitious? Aaron: A challenging…

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Plot and Structure: Scenes and Outlines

tree-1155510_960_720   Ask the Author: James Earls via Facebook: What do you do when you want to write, but your mind is so cluttered w/life’s junk. (Most of it petty) like dumb arguments, anger–things that seem to get in the way of your writing. Not necessarily talking writer’s block here….

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Plot and Structure: Endings

gleise-1148045_960_720   Ask the Author: Mia Northrop via – have you ever worried that references to real people (eg current political figures) or technology or media (eg iPhones, Facebook) would negatively date a book? Is there a trade off between reflecting current trends and the longevity of a novel?…

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