Bigger, Brighter, Better

Palazzo-Winter-Decor-2Reason #419 why my wife is amazing: She won a family get away at the Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas. Assuming you have even the slightest familiarity with Vegas, you’ll understand the city’s about as subtle as a Michael Bay film. Everything has to be bigger, brighter, better. If you’re not entertained, it sure isn’t the cities fault. It can be a little overwhelming at times. The first few hours I found rather exciting. But shortly after, I was ready for everyone to calm down.

Here’s a taste of our journey: Shortly after checking in, Santa read us a story. Shortly thereafter, we walked through a mall and watched the people riding in gondola’s (all in the same hotel/casino). After walking down the strip (a continual visual and auditory assault, though I did appreciate the beggar with the “ho ho homeless” sign), we listened to a time share speech so we could see the sharks. Even the food (the quintessential buffet)  is more about quantity than quality. Our eldest son made himself sick on the smorgasbord. And, after three days, I can fully understand the feeling.

Home never sounded better to me. Please don’t misunderstand—I’m having a great time. But, at some point, racing down the strip at 8 PM, dodging cross-dressers and Jack Sparrow(s), trying desperately to make it back to our hotel so elves can read our children a bedtime story, I felt more like a contestant on The Amazing Race than a vacationer.

Really, Las Vegas is a one-city Writer’s Block wrecking crew.

Stuck for ideas about characters? Walk the strip after hours.

Stuck for ideas about setting? Open the blinds in your room.

Stuck for story ideas? Agree to listen to a time share spiel in exchange for food money and tickets to see the sharks at Mandalay Bay.

You’ve read my previous posts on character, setting, and detail. By the looks of it, Las Vegas did, too.

2 thoughts on “Bigger, Brighter, Better”

  • Vegas, eh? Wow. I confess I’m not really a big fan of Las Vegas, seeing as I dislike loud noises and bright lights. And cigarette smoke gives me a headache, so journeying up and down the strip with people smoking their lungs out is not my cup of tea.
    I do get your point though. When Writer’s Block rears its ugly head, look to the real world, especially the unusual parts.

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