Back from Alrujah

You may have noticed the significant lack of updates recently. I have a very good excuse. I was magically transported into a video game. A role playing game, to be precise. If you’re wondering which one, don’t. You’re not familiar with it. You’ve never even heard of it. In fact, until I started writing my Young Adult Epic Fantasy Novel about a year ago, I’d never heard of it either. Why not? Because it didn’t exist.

Butrón castle by . SantiMB ..I’ll explain. The game that I was sucked in to was a game I created. More precisely, it was a game two of my characters created. Oliver and Lauren spent years designing it, coding it, debugging it, etc. And, one day, they woke up in the world. It wasn’t a dream for them. It was real. And their friends were pulled in, too.

Admittedly, somewhere along the line, I, as the writer, was pulled in as well. I had no clear destination in mind for my characters when I started writing. I just knew who they were, and wanted to find out where their journey would take them. Along the way, I somehow fell in love with each of them, and with the world they’d (I’d) created.

Starting to sound like a delusional narcissist, now, aren’t I? Maybe, but I think it’s a trait inherent in any writer of fiction. There’s a strange, almost miraculous connection to our creation. Maybe that’s how we best know that something is working—when we’re eyeball deep in a knife fight, or two valiant warriors are swinging hefty swords at each other, and the phone rings, and our first thought is, “What in the name of all that is good is that NOISE?!” There are no phones in Alrujah (or Narnia, or Alagaesia, or Middle Earth, etc.).

While crafting the book, I stumbled across a scene in which Oliver, the designer of the game, must explain to a character he created how Alrujah came to be, who Oliver was in relationship to the world they were in. It felt almost allegorical, though I’d not intended it to be. The parallels between his story and Christ were too obvious to miss.

How could Christ have explained to us that He created us? Can you imagine Him saying that today? “Really? You made this whole place? America? The world? Wow, you’re pretty handy. Here, take these pills. I got a nice white coat for you to wear. It’s nice and tight and cozy. You’ll love it.”

And yet He did create our world. He did create us. And He loved us enough to voluntarily come to us on our level. As writers, we get to do that on a small scale every day. We meet our characters on their level. And while we are far from God, I can’t help but think that He is pleased that we’ve chosen to exercise our ability to create, to craft, to tweak until perfect (or at least, as close as we can get). After all, we are created in His image, the image of the great creator. What better way to celebrate His limitless power than by imitating His power of creation?

Know this, good writers. Our efforts, whether published or not, please God. What better audience could we have?

Good writing, all.

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