Author Spotlight: Pamela Thorson

This week, I have the honor of spotlighting Pamela Thorson. Originally from Tennessee, she’s lived most of her life in the Pacific Northwest. Today Pam is a nurse, full-time caregiver, and author of Song in the Night (hardcover, Luminary Media Group), the true account of her middle son’s spinal cord injury in 1997.

headshotforweb1 AG:  Tell me a little about yourself. How long have you been writing? What types of writing do you do?

PT: I’m a Tennessee native transplant to the Pacific Northwest, licensed practical nurse, wife, mom, grandma, and full-time caregiver. My husband and I pioneered in the homeschooling movement in 1982, completing twenty-four years of homeschooling in 2006. A new author by most standards, I’ve loved to write since my teen years. In 2008 I self-published my first book, Song in the Night. Since then, I’ve had an article published and produced many devotionals for our church. I write a weekly devotional for the popular Christian music website CMADDICT.COM, and recently signed with Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas for a devotional book.

AG:  Why did you decide to become a writer?

PT: I was a lonely teen during my school years and found solace in books. During my junior year in high school, I wrote a short story for a class assignment. My teacher gave it an A+ and told me it was good enough to be published. Although I didn’t pursue writing for another forty years, the seed was planted. When our son suffered a devastating spinal cord injury in 1997, God worked a series of miraculous events in our lives that prompted a friend to challenge me to write the story of our journey. From that challenge, Song in the Night was born. It brings me great joy to share with others the hope God has so graciously given me.

AG:  What was the one piece of advice you wish you’d had at the beginning of your career?

PT: I’m still at the beginning of my career, and I’m on a steep learning curve. The one thing I would share with others is the importance of understanding this is a marathon. There are no short cuts. It takes a lot of hard work and a commitment to the craft. It’s important to develop a thick skin, listen to criticism, and be willing to grow as a writer.

AG:  What are you currently working on? Any special projects?

PT: I have a couple of projects in the works, but my favorite project right now is interviewing families with disabled children for a running series I’m writing for my blog. It inspires me to see what God is doing in the lives of everyday people who battle bigger-than-life challenges.

songinthenightAG:  What do you have coming out next? What do your fans have to look forward to?

My next book, Out from the Shadows, is a devotional for caregivers. It’s due for release in early 2014 and is being published by Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas.

AG: How can my readers find out more about you and your work?

My blog is My website is You can find my Wednesday devotional “Slightly Obsessed” at We’re busy building a new website that will incorporate the blog. So check in soon for a new look!

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