Author Spotlight: Michael Wolff

Praying Todays PsalmsToday, I have the honor of talking with fellow LPC author Michael Wolff, author of Praying Today’s Psalms. You may order the book here.

ADG: Tell me a bit about yourself, how long you’ve been writing, what types of writing you do, etc.

MW: I’ve been writing (first music, and later prose) since before I became a Christian in 1978. I began writing articles and books as my music interests waned in the late 80’s. I write about the things that concern me concerning the direction of modern American Christendom, which are considerable. My first two books (along with too many blogs/articles to count) were self-published and focus on these issues, while my latest is a series of devotionals focusing on praying the Psalms. I have also written quite a bit of poetry.

ADG: Why did you decide to become a writer?

MW: The decision was made for me. I used to go to writer’s conferences and listen to those in the business often say, “If God wants you to write, you will write. It won’t matter whether or not you’re published, because you’re being obedient to His calling in your life. Write, and He will take care of where it goes from there.” I thought it was their way of making us “wannabe’s” feel good as they rejected our manuscripts. But it’s true. Paul said, “Woe is me if I do not preach this Gospel.” He’s called me to write in the same way. I write because I can’t not write, if that double negative makes sense.

ADG: What is the one piece of writing advice you wish you’d had at the beginning of your career?

MW: There’s two actually: First, get a good group of beta readers if you’re going to self-publish! After paying all that money and finally getting my books back from the publisher, I was horrified at the number of mistakes I didn’t catch, even though I’d read and re-read my manuscript many times. Second, if you go to writer’s conferences, don’t get too low when the reps from the publishing houses reject you. More importantly, don’t get too hopeful if they’re interested in you. Most of them are sent to find new writers, and many may get really excited about your book proposal. Remember, they’re one link in a long chain of those who must approve a new project. Publishing is about money, and the “bean counters” are often the ones sending the rejection letters.

ADG: What are you currently working on? Any special projects.

MW: I recently completed a very special project: something I’d never done before but was motivated to do because of the incredible material. Having checked out of modern day Christendom several years back, I began praying for God to show me the “remnant” He always kept for Himself when days seemed darkest for the church. God answered my prayers in the form of the first true, organic Christian community I’d ever witnessed! I was so moved by this, I had to share it with the thousands across America like me who were disillusioned with the system and looking for something better. I decided to do my first documentary. One is a shorter trailer (In Search of God’s Remnant), and one the longer documentary (The Fellowship of the Marketplace). The links are below. I’m hoping to do more of them as the Lord allows, to show where Jesus is still alive in the marketplace. I hope people will view this miraculous story and help me spread the news by posting them on social media.

You may watch his documentaries here:

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  • I like the fact that he Wolff self published his first two books. In a way I feel like he really didn’t want to be a writer that he was forced into it by “God”. I really appreciate being able listen to his advice about being a young writer starting out.

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